After years of success with the 5L rover combination we’ve decided to package our 5L Rover V8 engines.

These engines are available with several different compression ratio’s, and camshafts to suit of course.

These are now available in KIT form, for the DIY enthusiast or mechanic to assemble themselves, with all the difficult machine work and fine tolerances already taken care of.


-Rover V8 late 4 bolt engine block, 96mm bore, stepped sleeve, large main tunnel with dual thrust centre main bearing, honed and decked.

(all machining done with rottler 5 axis cnc)

– rotating assembly balanced

-4.6L rover crank stroked to 5L

-steel conrod

-forged piston  (with teflon skirts and uprated pins)  several compression ratios available

-new cam bearings fitted and aligned

-new roller camshaft

-new roller timing chain set

-new main bearings ACL duraglide TRS spec

-new conrod bearing ACL or Clevite

-new rear main seal and genuine rover T seals installed with rear main cap

-new welch plugs and rear cam plug

-new gallery plugs

Pictured are some example of 5L engines we have done over the years. Real world photos from our workshop, not edited

these engines are available in several different combinations to suit different applications

Circuit racing, tarmac rally, street etc.

Pistons available to suit STD rover heads or TRS motorsport cylinder heads

Inlet manifolds available for all options

We rate this short motor to 500hp. The final number depends on the top end cylinder head / inlet and camshaft package that is chosen for it