Off Road

TRS specialises in preparation for off-road trips and 4wd upgrades –  including locker diffs, spring & shock kits as well as fitment of bull-bars and luggage racks.

Please contact us with your off road requirements.


Below is a range of photo’s taken recently on a TRS trip to Robe in South Australia’s South East. The TRS TD5 as well as our TDi carved up the dunes along with 7 other vehicles of varying manufacture.


The Robe to Beachport trip takes about 5 hours and has been voted Australia’s premier beach 4wd trip. Best tackled in mild conditions when the sand is firm, the drive can be hazardous if vehicles are not prepared properly. Much of the trek is close to the waterline and there are a few wrecked Toyota’s in the wash demonstrating that the sea can take a car if your not careful.



Descents must be tackled with care….. TRS purchases ALOT of rolled cars…
Sahara like dunes and nothing but sand in sight at times…



A 2001 TD5 ES mounting the “5 mile drift” near Beachport.
Diesel power! TD5ES, TD5 and TDi.



TD5 performed well even with road tyres deflated to 15psi on the sand.
Plenty of beach driving … watch out for the “shell grit” sand at low tide!!



The tide can come right up to the dunes, so low tyre pressure and recovery gear are a necessity.
Challenging at times !!



Water and bogs aplenty in the middle of winter in the South East Of South Australia.
9 cars made the journey from Robe to Beachport.



TD5 with TRS ECU chip upgrade embarrased all others with its grunt up the hills.
Go anywhere…. on almost any angle… the TD5 crawled everywhere with ease.



Mild conditions are best to tackle the trip. In the heat of Summer it IS like a desert.