Holley Sniper EFI systems now IN STOCK at triumph rover spares

after our own testing and developing we are happy to offer this system to our customers.

the Holley sniper system is the MOST cost effective way to get EFI on your rover v8 powered vehicle!!

forget the carburetors and welcome to the 21st century !

not only that, the holley system minimizes dyno tuning time with it’s self learning capabilities

this system can be installed as quickly as 30 minutes !!!!

starting the car after an efi conversion has never been easier, all the guesswork is done for you with the holley.

as an addition to the ease of installation, the holley sniper is also approx 20mm lower than your original holley carb

this unit combined with the offenhauser intake manifold is the best combination for bonnet clearance in MG B applications.

please give us a call to discuss choosing the right holley for your application today


intake manifold pictured: JWR offenhauser available for $950