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Parts on Special Price (AUD)
1 x brand new 4.6 short motor, complete with cam and t/chain set.  Only 1 left. $3,950
1 x second hand 3.9 V8 long motor complete $2200
1 pair brand new big valve heads, high flow, latest spec heads. $1450
8 Stainless valves 1.63 in. $28each
8 Stainless valves 1.40 ex. $28each
1 x ram tube fuel injection system, system flows 330 hp (less airflow meter and computer) $495
Steel rocker arms $18 each
Steel rocker shafts $90 each
PC216 camshaft (high performance) $280
3.5 thick web short motor, excellent condition. The best block to start with. $350
Manual flywheel, suit TR7 V8, MGB V8 or any conversion $275
SDI water pump - new $228
MGB V8 water pump - new $270
MGB V8 oil pump, remote for V8 conversion - 2 only $390
Roll master steel timing chain set $195
High Energy electronic distributors                                                                                    from $225 
SDi Harmonic balancers - reconditioned $345
GM 180 auto trans. suit Rover V8 complete with converter, reconditioned 1,800 km ago $475
1 x Holley inlet manifold, suit 350.2 bbl $325
1 x Crane 218H camshaft. The best power cam. $277
VRS Gasket sets                                                                                                                   from $120
Conrod bearings $88
Main bearings $98
ARP Main Stud kit $180
ARP Rod bolt kit $129
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